Thursday, April 05, 2007

things i found on a summer hike at a ski resort in the lower sierras
eye drops and a single dime and...
the drone of flies
economies of organisms, leaves, sticks and color
so white?
i thought there were clouds over on the horizon
will you write after their end?
record birds, heartbeats, melting snow
icecubes on the face, keep me awake
the hours field mice spend gnawing on nuts
dreams speeded up to cartoonishness
the way a bicycle amplifies someone running
white charcoal on the black foundations
a house gutted by red fire as tall as the green pine
arrows anchor the earth where the man, his wife, and their children stood
and what is money?
and can you add inside a black hole?
...a keychain thermometer, a tree covered in lady bugs,...

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