Thursday, December 29, 2011

Canadian Tar Sands

While groping for words to describe mining tar sands in Alberta, Canada, I realized the only word I had was Hell. Humans are creating Hell. I don't know if that is a moralistic judgement or simply the most accurate description. I don't know how I feel about getting oil from the tar sands by strip mining the wilderness fens and forests, nor do I have a definitive "scientific" judgement of how bad for the environment this really is. I don't have a political opinion on the associated plans to haul 3-lane wide super-trucks across Lolo Pass and through Missoula, Montana; nor do I have a completely educated opinion of the necessity of building mega pipelines across the Oglalla Aquafer of Nebraska and through the primeival British Columbia "ghost bear" rainforest to transport the oil steamed out of the tar.

All I know is this:



From National Geographic