Saturday, August 07, 2010

Fires in Borneo track El Nino

In the year 2000, about 36.8Mha of Kaliman-
tan were under timber concession licenses. Production
and conversion forests were generally more affected
than the limited production forests and also showed
much higher impacts during El Nin ˜o years with 10.0%
and 10.6%, respectively, in comparison with 2.8% for the
limited production forests. While 67.6% of the area of
Kalimantan is timber concession, about 77.4% of the
total fire-affected area over the whole period was
located in these concessions. This number rose to
80.9% in El Nin ˜o years.

LANGNER, ANDREAS; SIEGERT, FLORIAN Spatiotemporal fire occurrence in Borneo over a period of 10 years. Global Change Biology. 2009.

On track for increased solar activity

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