Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Guest post from Henry

Not that long ago there was a bad Evil Man, a sorcerer so powerful the seas themselves bent to his command. One day from atop his throne of bare hard rock his saw a princess collecting pebbles from the water's edge. At once enthralled by her beauty and furious that she would take his property, he cast a spell to fence her in. The sun had shown brightly at the hour of her birth, and his magic was little against her: moments after the spell was cast it broke, leaving her free to leave. So the sorcerer recast the spell, and again it broke, and again he cast it, again and over again. And so his cruelty imprisoned the both of them. It is said that they both are still there, trapped... but beware if you find that hidden beach: the Evil Man's craaazy eyes may spot you too. (holla!)

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