Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Vagabond in a Van

I was just in my backyard, enjoying the magnificense of 10,000 acres and no people.
Not listening tothe pope in a crowded room, or watching other men's lips move in the idiot box or in the shadows above a beer can. How do I come by this good fortune?
My trusty steed, Betelgeuse.My trash for the week, and mi sombrero.The scenery, the shocks. Sometimes I wonder what it means to own something, like this van that was given to me, from my parents and society and the earth, and will return to them, or my jacket, that I found and that could be taken or lost or destroyed at any time. Or this cool spot where the yellow flowers bloom in the abandoned ceremonial pits while the sky stretches over an immense landscape laid open bellow me to the horizon in every direction. Or the entire system of public lands that is our birthright and our trust.The Southwest is so beautiful...I had to start exploring it.I am a Forest Guardian, I speak for the trees. I am the embodiment of a Lifestyle Organization. Older people give younger people the money they need in order to live the lifestyle "to which they would like to become accustomed". These older people buy, with their tax deductible contribution, an entire world more to their taste and liking. They are not buying a place in heaven. It is a firmly grounded and embodied reality. A place on earth, or rather a whole landscape of places: acreages and access. They buy better Quality of Life (QoL) The product delivered is both short term, specific, and long term, diffuse. It is the way health care should be: both preventative and curative. A positive vision of health. So the more the lifestyle of the younger confirms the choices of the older, the more successful the business. Isn't that how all business operates?Migratory and BedouinFollowing the changing seasons, subsisting off the land. Local wine and buffalo. Thoreau said simplify, simplify, so I don't bother heating my food: saves on energy and cleaning dishes. Every day there is a new view out the window. Can you feel the language slipping away? There is no written culture on the Prairie.
Constant movement, movement as a morality.

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