Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Jobsite Santa Fe River at San Ysidro Crossing

Aqua Fria park is on a well-chosen site on a hill at the edge of town, the (dry) Santa Fe river flows along one edge. The park is also dry in both the literal and metaphorical sense. There is not a lot of creative energy here, besides the wind. It could be beautiful, but it is deserted, devoid of people and trees.

Could a cottonwood bosque bloom here? Our site is bordered on the north (upstream) by San Ysidro road and on the south by Caja del Oro Grant road. Between these two overpasses the Santa Fe is "natural".
In this case "natural" means "hammered shitless". You know when you've been beat so hard you can't even shit afterward? That's shitless. The "river" has been farmed and irrigated away, grazed to stubble and weeds, mined for gravel and concrete powder, littered and poisoned and polluted with septic runoff. The "river" is now dry, as many in the Southwest are.
So they called in the stream team, in collaboration again with Bill Zedyk and Steve Carson.
Zedyk and Carson had installed post or rock vanes and we worked to further stabilized these erosion control structures with plantings.
The riverbed/floodplane is too wide and continues to erode its banks, so most of the work is focused on narrowing and stabilizing, as opposed to inducing meanders.

Thanks to all of the volunteers. See you at the Puerco!

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