Monday, January 08, 2007

Where in the world is the actual opposite inverse of Tucson, Arizona?

I have been claiming that Tucson is the climatic inverse of Seattle, but where is the geographic inverse? Where is the exact opposite place on the world from where you are standing? Is there a person there likewise rooted to the ground, lost in equivalent, yet opposite, ponderings?

If we simply invert Tucson longitude west for longitude east, we come to a peaceful valley in the mountains of central China...

If we go for the actual opposite longitude (through the pole of the earth) the result is a dry, mountainous region on the Afghan-Pakistan border. ..

And if we flip both the latitude and longitude to give the actual total opposite location on the Earth (drawing a line from Tucson through the center of the Earth) we arrive at last, on the mossy islands of Heard and McDonald in the far-south Indian Ocean:

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