Monday, January 08, 2007

K visit

Memories of K

Winter sunlight limpid on the playground
spinning in circles
shocked on the electric fence
i remain unshockable
stuck on the roof
climbing the target
finding the car key
sunset on the car
back from mexico, arguing about diet (the new politics)
dehydrated go game w/ sweaty mexican musician

rock climbing ponatoc ridge,
rocky and dark
lost, smoking at Sanjay's
absence present as a palpable apparition
a semi-circular desk full of dictionaries
more than the some of stones
album leaf or coma lily?

foot found car key
slippers and shooting stars

Maxwell's demon ripples in the pool
hot tub to pool and back again
out of chaos, order
out of order, chaos

apples and goat cheese and turkish apricots
approach the glass. excellent. now turn around.

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