Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Good Trip

a good trip in mexico

teddy bear forest
slow rhythm of sunsets
movement of light and mind

sever the connection between
mind and body
central nervous system
city and wilderness

the desert landscape
anchor to the world

this is the way it always is.
straight from the horse's mouth

you can't escape 'cause
its always there
open minds
light stomachs

hands were made for this
eating more than an avocado
Sisyphus carrying a stone

driving into the circle of light
eye rimmed with lashes

remembered dreams after
dozens of contrails
living a part in a scientific experiment
electrodes in my flesh and brain

shrouded dark moon figure
walking with a cane
against the stars

sunset needs color
the synesthesia is constant

the first time
sliding around a subset
of the edges in the room
mistake change for control
and complexity for freedom

welcome to the moon

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