Friday, December 08, 2006

DNA: Most over-rated thing ever?

Life can be explained at many levels, but unfortunately apparently the most facile way at present is chemically. Molecular explanations of life are popular right now, but as with many things they assume what they attempt to discover. However, it remains to be seen if molecular descriptions of life are the most parsimonious way of understanding (controlling) the system.

Clues to a possible electromagnetic understanding of the fundamental nature of life.
DNA and all proteins have an inherent charge, an isoelectric point.
Ionized air influences mood.
Earth geoelectromagnetism cycles at the same frequency as most brain waves.
Atherosclerosis is a disease of ion imbalance affecting the suspension of colloids, namely the stickyness of blood cells.
Egg head/tail dichotomy is electrical potential difference, a difference preserved throughout life, but which is reversed under general anesthesia.
Acid/base imbalance related to CO2 intake and diet.

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