Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cocktail Party Reasons for Eating Raw

  • Precautionary Principle, i.e. "Why do you eat Organic Food?"
  • Faster Better Cheaper (no dishes, no preparation, no heating fuel).
  • Carcinogens aren't just in charred meat: all forms of cooking produce unsafe by-products.
  • Better question: why do you eat cooked food? (tastes better, easier to digest, safer, more available..i would argue any and all of these)
  • Easier - no thought/research into health trends -- just follow your natural instincts.
  • Experiment -- what do i need to survive? Self knowledge.
  • Quality food, discover variety everyday, adventure, discover local environment, seasons.
  • like LSD.
  • 95% of food eaten today was not eaten for 95% of Homo sapiens existence. Back to nature.

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