Tuesday, November 07, 2006

classification schemes and the limits of knowing

This is a great website on the computational side of logic rules in human and artificial intelligence

And of course they apply their method to poisonous mushrooms.

Growing forms, like mushrooms, show a complex morphologic system. Can you recognize these shapes?

Is the human brain complex enough to understand its own complexity? Are we smart enough to understand ourselves? Do these schemes, schemas, classes identify things in the world, or are they merely useful heuristics that may confuse us later? The apparent shape of crystals are classified in a wonderful schema, a schema that is a reflection of the underlying atomic structure. I hope to have an entry on x-ray crystallography as soon as I learn it.

What I am suggesting is that the eye was made to fit the world, just as the fish's fin was fit to the sea...[Richard Wilbur]

Should we analyze things based on rules or based on fuzzy logic?

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