Thursday, November 02, 2006

BBC vs. NPR and PBS

I remember staying awake to listen to the BBC radio program BBC World Service. I heard the intro trumpets blaring, and I was transported from my bed in dark and rainy and cold Washington State to far-off Africa, India, Malaysia. The accents were thick, the jungles steamy, and the news, well, completely new. I had never heard, let alone imaged, the wars and disasters that crackled from the tiny speakers. As far as I know, I was privy to information that wasn't fit to print in the New York Times, too messy for the local paper, and too polysyllabic for the nightly news.

...although Democracy Now is a worthy bearer of the American torch of journalism, and its surprising how many things are reported here that don't make the so-called 'liberal' NPR. What gives NPR?

I am actively looking for a conservative "balance" to Democracy Now, a show that combines intellectual honesty, in-depth reporting, and a conservative emphasis. Please let me know if you find something like this.

BBC is just better than American radio. (e.g. the Material World)

BBC is better than American [Reality] TV (e.g. Rough Science)

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