Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Why Are You Interested in EDF's Chemical Wristband Study?

I'm interested in science and the environment. I think we need more science, more data, more documentation.

I've looked into the quantified self movement for personal health improvement and think that a similar focus could transform all of our environments -- especially the indoor spaces we spend most of our time in.

 I recently ordered a Air Quality Meter  to attempt to look at chemicals in the environment.

So I'm also interested in EDF's Chemical Detection Initiative, that recently documented our exposure to hundreds of chemicals in the environment.

The graphic above describes how this technology works.

I'm hoping to learn the identity, industrial use, and possible harm of chemicals from my environment. It would be a great opportunity to learn chemistry! I took the 23andme test last year for my wife and I -- and it was a great opportunity to learn about state-of-the-art genomics.

I'm also interested to connect with others who have similar chemical exposure patterns and join a growing community of people interested in improving their own health and become agents of change to all of society.

Level of Concern pre-test:

Pesticides -4

Air Pollution -3

Chemicals in cosmetics/skin care products - 2

Chemicals in cleaning products - 2

Chemicals in furniture and building materials - 4

Pharmaceuticals - 4

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