Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Welcome to the High Desert of New Mexico, USA

Surviving in the High Desert of New Mexico is like visiting another planet.

I suggest you find a house with a good airlock and sunshade, but you won't be able to filter out the cosmic rays; living up here is like being an airline stewardess.

The desert has a way of simplifying human needs: water, oxygen, respect (for the sun), oh, and more water.

The most important thing is water. You have to drink all the time. When you wake up in the morning you must drink a full nalgene; you've lost at least that much through exhalation during the night. I suggest miso bone broth soup to replace the electrolytes as well. Its dry here and you can't always tell when you're sweating because evaporation is so efficient.

Sometimes you can't drink enough water. The answer is coconut water. Always keep some at hand in case of emergencies.

High altitude. One of the commonest complaints (after dehydration, always check that first) is low oxygen. People forget to breathe. You have to really move that diaphragm! Ginseng and other tonifying herbs might help, too. Oh, and bone broth soup. Think like a sherpa.

Sun. I used to go without sunblock, but we're too close to the sun here. Respect the sun. Always wear sunblock when you have exposed skin - or wear a burkha. UV-blocking sunglasses are also, sadly, necessary. I hate wearing glasses, but if you don't the Light will wash away your world. Yes, it is possible to sunburn the back of your eyes.  8-(

Moisturizer. Dry skin is serious. One secret to prevent over-drying is to always end showers with cold water; it tones the muscles and closes pores in the skin so you don't lose all your hard-earned moisture. Never, ever use drying soap. I don't think that should be a problem, but I'm warning you now: Don't let cracks form on your hands or it will be Too Late, and you'll be covered in bandages like a mummy.

 Welcome to New Mexico!

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