Sunday, May 25, 2008

Trespassing on the Rio Puerco

Trespassing on the Rio Puerco
[at 120 CFS]

We put in just before the large culvert. Its top was filled with a colony of mud swallows' hanging igloo nests.

Guerrilla Rafting: n; Risking Life and Limb to Reinhabit your Local Wilderness.

Its simple. Find your local watershed and see how far it will take you. Dreams of floating to the sea? Forget it. Few undamned and diverted rivers remain. But you'll be surprised at what you can cover in a day. Here's a sample from our kayak on the Rio Puerco, through backyards and jungle thornbush.

big falls ... portage or run it?


picturesque views: Spiders showered down on us when we shook low branches. Squirrels scurried from branch to branch, flycatchers, tanagiers, and orioles...

The 'Sloppy Rapids' portage

Photos of Rio Puerco (from Cabezon Peak)

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