Friday, May 16, 2008

Limestone Canyon Volunteering with NMWA

"I'm looking forward to the Service Project in Limestone Canyon over the May 16, 17, 18 weekend. This is our second project to this area. We liked it so much last year that I asked the Forest Service for a repeat. It is about 2.5 hours from ABQ to the campsite. Gene Tatum, President of the ABQ Wildlife Federation, Michael Scialdone, 'Scial' of NMWA ,and Dave Heft, FS Biologist, will lay out the project. For Saturday, we will build structures to aid in the restoration of the streambed." "

Why Volunteer?
To those who don't know the joy of volunteer work, who only work for the almighty dollar and take wages as the official readout of society's values and adopt said values wholeheartedly, it can be difficult to explain. But to those who know it, the reasons are manifold. To share a cause with others who are equally free and yet driven, the camaraderie. The freedom of choosing something to care about. And yes, the relief from the obnoxious obsession of needing to accomplish something, that ingrained appreciation for hard work that, whether it be rational, is part of our psychological makeup, entrained, and undeniable. And the payment received for volunteer work is often quite beyond the ability of ordinary remuneration. Access to a 10,000 acre ranch for a couple weeks work. Friends. A sense of ownership of an entire landscape, and an understanding of a way of life and the people who live it. A home.

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