Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Soylent Formula and Macronutrient Ratios

I'm designing the perfect foodstuff. Inspired by Soylent (video), but they don't understand the basic truth that endurance exercise (and oh-so-much of life is endurance exercise) (or you can watch a video of Peter Attia's self experimentation) is powered by fats, not carbohydrates and sugars.

Just look at these hunter-gatherer-runners (video). In The Story of the Human Body, Dr. Daniel Lieberman concludes that “Like it or not, we are slightly fat, furless, bipedal primates who crave sugar, salt, fat, and

starch,” he writes, “but we are still adapted to eating a diverse diet of fibrous fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, tubers, and lean meat. We enjoy rest and relaxation, but our bodies are still those of endurance athletes evolved to walk many miles a day, often run, as well as dig, climb, and carry.”

Soylent Nutrition:
(Carbohydrate/Fat/Protein ratio of 50/30/20):
Ingredients                                                                  Quantity
Soylent Blend                                                                                                      166.2g 
oat flour  36.67
Sweetener, maltodextrin  55.0
rice protein 80% ultra  40.0
vitamin and mineral premix  9.3
Oil, soybean lecithin 2.0
gum acacia rosa 3.5
Salt, sea 0.7
artificial vanilla flavor 0.6
Sweetener, sucralose, Splenda 0.2
Gum, xanthan, Ticaxan, pwd 0.2
Oil, canola 16
Oil, fish, sardine 2.2

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