Thursday, October 09, 2014

Three Weird Examples of Nutrition Science: Obsolete, "Alternative", and Futuristic!

Time is acting strangely.  In our post-modern world, I'm never sure if the newest craze is going to come from the paleolithic or from Star Trek.  Especially when it comes to health and diet, the amount of confusion is almost 100%.

I've collected three examples outdated idea promulgated by the state health department, weird nonsensical claims from an alternate reality, and new cutting-edge research from a man who steals aboriginal poop.

20-years out of date:     2% milk is making you fat!  ...according to NM Department of Health and their new foodstamp guidelines.  (Seems they missed the last 15-20 years of research showing that its actually a high-carbohydrate diet of processed foods that has led to the obesity epidemic, not the extra 1% milk fat in 2% milk!)

Alternate reality: Try pH 8.8 water!  Straight from the Himalayas, with minerals added!  (what minerals? Baking Soda?  I can make water any pH I want by adding baking soda or vinegar....)

20-years in the future:  Jeff Leach, co-founder of the American Gut Project, is definitely a good 10-20 years ahead of his time.   In the tradition of those brave scientists who self-infected themselves with the cutworm parasite in try to cure allergies and autoimmune dieseases, Mr. Leach has given himself a fecal transplant from an aboriginal in Africa.  What happens?  Stay tuned!

American Gut Project

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