Wednesday, January 15, 2014

And then there was 1....

AZ Star Article: Jaguar Tracks found at Site of Proposed Rosemont Mine
Possibly the only jaguar in the US.
The newspaper came out in favor of the mine several days later.  Many people think that Endangered Species on Federal lands are protected.  But the USFWS has decided that the mine would not significantly affect the overall population of jaguars throughout the Americas.  Even though it would make a lake out of the mountain whereupon resides the only (last) known jaguar in the US.   Many development or land management projects impact Threatened and Endangered species, with management plans written to address incidental take and to make a decision of No Significant Impact.  For example, the caves of several thousand Mexican Long-Nosed Bats (also Endangered) would be destroyed, but because this particular population of bats represents less than 10% of the remaining bats in AZ, the mine will be allowed to go ahead.

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