Friday, July 05, 2013

La Jencia Flash Flood!

Moving at about 5 miles per hour (as judged by floating tumbleweed), the front of the flood (visible here with lots of foamy flotsam) made a roaring sound easily audible at the ranch house.  The brunt of the thunderstorm had passed more than half an hour previous.  Based on cross sections of this reach, the flood was only about 30cm deep, and represented a flow of approximately 50 CFS.  This amount of water may be "bankfull": the bank-side sedges were underwater, the willow got their feet wet, and no major channel geomorphic changes occurred. 

Advancing front of flash flood.

 The next day.

 Flooding along old channel where side canyon empties in.  This channel was abandoned in 2009 when the creek cut through a meander bend.

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