Friday, June 04, 2010

Growing Season

"The growing season has begun throughout the Northeast and the Growing Degree Days (GDD) are accumulating. This is a tool that farmers and gardeners use to track crop progress and to manage pest infestations. As the map above indicates, as of May 23, 2010, the GDD accumulation in most of the Northeast is 1 to 2 weeks ahead of normal. Reports from the National Agricultural Statistic Services show that the impacts of an advanced season are varied. Most states in the region reported that field crop and fruit progress is ahead of normal. While it's beneficial to get the field crops in early so the crop has time to mature, the early fruit bloom and emerging vegetables were damaged by the frost that occurred during the second week in May. The frost was considered a late frost in southern parts of the region, but well within the normal range for the northern states." from NRCC.

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