Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Quivira Coalition Water Symposium

Quivira Coalition Annual Conference

Speakers I enjoyed:

Peter Warshall
A-->B Horizon (CF. History of Greece)
some grasses like B horizon (maybe Hairy Grama?)
1,000 years to restore
Vigil network data
Leopold was against "drop-in science"

Larry Schmidt
--> channel incision
lack of sediment incises below stream
-->too much water (culverts)
-->too much slope
-->wildfire causes no cover, hydrophobic soil, runoff w/out sediment
results in incised channel (sediment hungry)
positive feedback between reduced cover, dendritic incision, and loss of wateravailability

Burchard Heede Alkali Creek 40 years
showed that landscape incision could be corrected by creating a grass-lined waterway
induced meandering can also cure incision

Bill Zeedyk and Van Clothier
streams can erode bottom OR sides
*anticipate* stable form
*nudge* in that direction

e.g meander multiplier is usually between 10-20: 10 for wet sedge meadows, 18 for dry ephemeral channels
utility of BF-FP width ratio?
how does flow become channelized (versus dispersed)
why aren't incising channels self-correcting? are they?
structures needed b/c of lack of woody debris?

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