Friday, December 19, 2008

Ode to Arizona Riparian Forests

sinking deep
lying alongside

mellow yellow
golden glow
desert water in the desert

embodied cognition

walking quietly not moving

letting the rush catch up
little round blue gray beauties (birds)
(words) (life)

taste air --- smell sensuous

always arriving
finding some flowers
growing: rock cleft riparian
Mimulus (Monkey Flowers, appropriately)

Trampling off-trail
these zoo grounds
fantastic wrinkled skin of the Earth
bare bones, softened by
sponge blackened hummus crevices
rosy glow blushing
hunched rocks, boulders, cliffs
until that tint too has faded

Where will you be?
when the sun comes out
the 'shine soaks in


Tree boles bumped and bruised
turning flood slides rock
ancestors, clutching,
trampled under, stampede.

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