Friday, October 17, 2008

La Jencia Grassland Restoration Pilot Project

In an effort to control erosion at La Jencia Ranch, native upland (facultative wet) grasses and forbs were seeded around the leading edges of headcuts.
Plot 1.

Plot 2

View of erosional gully.

Purple Three 5%
Side-oats grama 30%
Indian Ricegrass 16.25%
Galletia 10%
Western Wheatgrass 20%

White Prairie Clover 7.5%
Purple Prairie Clover 5%
Rocky Mountain Beeplant 1.25%
Prairie Sage 2.5%
Scarlet Globemallow 1.25%
Prairie Coneflower 1.25%

plus saltbush (plot 1) and winterfat (plot 2)

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