Friday, July 04, 2008

Upper Rio Grande Watershed: The Poso and Los Mogotes

"...driving across these llanos for days, solitary pinon and juniper gnarled and twisted and thickened, like baobobs almost, and the antelope / gazelle bounding away, outdoors dawn to dusk , khaki outfit, pith helmet, driving across the plains for days, looking at the summits; heading toward them but then it starts to rain and the mud becomes too thick: fishtailing across the road, saying 'I'm sorry' to all the plants, the erosion. Eventually, the sound of the engine turning off, the door opening, both feet sinking deep into the mud, the finality of the car door slamming in the sudden, rainy, darkness.

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mattyj63 said...

Thank You so munch for that inspirational journey that I long for not only in my dreams,but through the vast caverns of my soul. Lately I have been searching for anything that will remind me of yesterday, even though it was a half a century ago. For it was there, where your pictures and my memories subside in comfort.
You see for it was right on the south side of Hells Gate where I first leaned to to hunt the the big game & hike the solem quandries of Shaw Springs & as far westward to Aqua Azul. My Father now resides in La Garita Dave Pacheco the newest resident as well as the oldest and too, amongest the avid fans of Gods handy work. Thank You

Matthew Pacheco