Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wild Beings

The dogs catch a jackrabbit
that is slow and heavy with
dog-saliva now.

I leap across ground shouting
like a crazyman growl and
six dogs drop the blinking
grey fur. The rabbit stares
at me and I don't know if he
is flying back to that other
place where rabbits run like

Sometimes it takes me awhile
to become one with the land.

* * *

Sometimes the sameness of my
days feels like the dry wind over
brittle rabbit-bush and stiff
Again sun rises hot and high
hungry for moisture from my
open mouth. Dry wind sucks
my wet insides out like a
jackrabbit running to dust
over miles of creaking earth.

I make footprints blown back
into formless dust almost be-
fore I pass.
I walk towards horizon getting
no closer to how bones lying
white and silent sing with
wind. I see change in mountains
riverbeds arroyos see the
crumbling beauty of time-nibbled
bones and I pause and know
change is eternity.

For twenty-five years I walk
this same way one foot at a
time this sameness quenching
thirst like wind drying a wet
mouth. There is nothing but
this thin shell of land over
my heart a heart like a tired
jackrabbit changing to wind
over bone.

[adapted from _____________]

Gratitude to Wild Beings, our brothers and sisters, teaching secrets, freedoms, and ways; who share with us their milk; self-complete, brave, and aware.
in our minds so be it.

Gary Snyder Prayer for the Great Family


Pygmy Owl

You know how strong
fate can be, but can you imagine
the sharp stab of the talons
to the back of your head?

The pygmy owl drops on a steep angle
a collision course with the ground
wings splayed
like an angel.

It falls with fervor
upon Mouse
one of the world's warm breathers
groceries in a grey sleeve of fur.

Did you not think
the same could happen to you?
And is it any different
than love?

The owl pulls hard
tearing at tissue and tendon
it waves the tiny carcass around
like a victory banner.

Charles Finn

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