Monday, October 01, 2007

The Wildlands Project

"We are ambitious. We live for the day when grizzlies in Chihuaha have an unbroken connection to grizzlies in Alaska, when wolf populations are restored from Mexico to the Yukon to Maine; when vast forests and flowing prairies again thrive and support their full range of native plants and animals; when humans dwell on the land with respect, humility, and affection."

Contrasted with some environmental groups that fight to save "the last great places", the Wildlands Project (TWP) advance a positive vision: Rewilding.

Rewilding means "safeguard biodiversity where it is intact and restore the integrity of wild Nature where it has been compromised." For example, "as a first step toward protecting the extraordinary biological richness of Mexico's northern Sierra Madre Occidental mountains and the adjacent prairies, our Mexican staff identified ecologically significant areas, including critical habitat for jaguars, thick-billed parrots, and black-tailed praire dogs...We intend that Arizona and New Mexico will once again have jaguars in the arroyos and thick-billed parrots feeding on pine cones. But such intentions are only fantasies unless we first protect these animals' habitats in northwestern Mexico."

Note: Even with a positive vision, the best conservation plan needs be defensive in this time of explosive development of mineral resources and degraded agricultural land. Why do they capitalize "Nature"? Restore, rewild, revitalize, renew, rebalance, replenish, regenerate, reconnect.

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