Saturday, July 21, 2007

Zeitgeist: nobody believes this story

w90a8TYT8)(*#)%(its like somekind of voodoo science fiction

horror story - Weird Circumstances and Religious Visions

too...evolving...raw,fresh,feral, the long drawn out death of

a mountain lion, the dry hills, Backbone of a continent,

pinyon, piece-meal, shattered. Here, too, squat in stone

towers (albeit 1000 A.D.), blasted sinfilled cities, share in

the earthern pizza oven with all the rainbows of biodynamic

generalities. DOING GOOD WORK< SURROUNDED BY DUST up to our

eyebrows, machettes and slingshot, spear, and motorcycle;

running on high-octane raw milk and butter, bjorkian

wonderlusting up the Backbone through the second Eden of

permaculture Santa Fe, Taos, Durango, Montrose, Hotchkiss skip

and jump to Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park.

in the bathrooms the scientists all clasp their hands before

the mirror
in prayer that the autofaucets will turn on
in the cubicicle the woman next to me is selling her

a machine is suckling now

so i quit the frankenstein
Department of Defense
and return to the land:
I'm sleeping in a hammock
the earth owns
a small strawbale casita, in the big pantano cuerca, canelo,


watermelon pineapple & soy sauce
Hawaiin-brought macadamia nuts
heavy odor of centronella
i kneel and pass fingers through dirt
fingers through dirt
everything made of dirt
made of dirt
I pass fingers through the world

to worship technology but still doubt
understand the mistake in what's

i eat these cumquat preserves w/
(local) (raw) honey and butter
i combat global warming
i grow fat while it grows thin

fuck man its total war
HELICOPTERS everywhere, every 5 minutes
La Frontera, The Border
they're strafing villages 100 kilometers from here

awww man we're totally fucked
its so hot here you want to fuck yourself
the 9-to-5ers must be unhappy everywhere
none of them ever stops trying
finding work - playing hot potato

I'm playing bongos on the street
I've cured global warming
the green spreads out from my
huts and tents
the whirlwind
a moon-burn
making good choices
and opening lucky meetings

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